Reliable Recall

Course Summary

This 3 part course focuses on everything you need to know about training a reliable recall, from the foundations to how to handle distractions and what to do when it goes a bit wrong.

It is a course ideal for dogs that struggle to ignore distractions and instead will do anything but recall to you. With three in person classes, plus access to online notes and video demonstrations, you are supported in starting the journey of implementing the new techniques and developing your dogs ability to focus on you and respond to your call!

 The first class is held in a private field where you learn how to gain your dogs focus around distractions and build strong recall cues. By the third session you will be training in a public space to continue training around new, uncontrollable distractions.

By the end of the course you will feel confident and have the tools to keep the recall cue valuable and something your dog absolutely loves to do!

The next Reliable Recall Course is being held Saturday 20th, 27th August and 3rd September 11.30-12.30pm. Details will be sent upon booking.
There is space on the 6th and 13th classes but please message before booking if you are interested in those dates!!

Course Curriculum

Bobbi Hayden


Thanks so much for having us at the recall classes.  We all really enjoyed the training course and have already seen improvements. 

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