Puppy Life

Group classes to socialise and train

Course Summary

The Puppy Life Group Classes are a great way to socialise and train your puppy. Supported with over 70 videos and how-to guides online to ensure you remain consistent with your training in between sessions. This is the perfect opportunity to ensure you prevent your puppy from developing unwanted behaviours and instead teaches you how to create a life time of good behaviours.

In each puppy class you will learn about the following:

Stages of development - What is going on internally effecting behaviour?
Socialisation - How to do this properly
Recall - How to create reliability from the very beginning
Toilet training - How to be consistent
Teething and biting - What is normal, what is not, and how to prevent it
Excitement/arousal - How to manage arousal and provide appropriate outlets
Calmness - How to create calmness at home and outdoors
Focus/engagement - How to boost your pups engagement with you no matter where you are
Impulse control - How to teach your dog to leave things alone and have patience
Confidence - Preventing anxiety and supporting the puppy to navigate this world confidently

For each of the topics you are given training exercises to practise to actively work on developing good behaviours that can last a life time.

The next 6 Week Puppy Life Course starts Saturday June 18th at 12.15pm in a private field in Bishopston and Pennard Community Hall. They will then be continued June 25th and July 2nd, 9th, 30th and August 6th.

Course Curriculum

Bobbi Hayden


New Puppy Owner

Bobbi was highly recommended to us and is very knowledgeable and patient. As first time owners of a Cocker Spaniel puppy it can be quite a challenge and overwhelming. Bobbi understood and is so reassuring, always available for advice and support, offering practical and fun ways of inspiring great behaviours. Highly recommend"

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